Sleep Patterns


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released May 5, 2015

Lyrics by Michael Sciarrillo
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios



all rights reserved


OUTLIER San Jose, California

Four piece from the Bay Area.


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Track Name: Bastard Son
Take one last look through the window at the life you're leaving behind. You've got your bags packed and you're skipping town tonight. I've built my walls up high in hopes that I won't be missed, cause I'm just a bastard son who was born to run just like his father was.

But I can't deny the roots are set and the knots are tied, will I cast aside everyone I love tonight? Cause I can't seem to shake this feeling you're better off without me.

My walls are built up high, I don't need no one around me. I am the bastard son and I was born to run, I am a bastard son.

For so long I've tried so hard to justify leaving everything behind. And I'll blame the way that I was raised, or the flaws that I was born with, or this awful mix of chemicals in my brain, but they're all just half formed excuses.

Because I hurt the ones I love when I say that you deserve better, or that I'm not good enough and I should just cut and run. And I'm sorry for all that I've done, but it's just I've grown so comfortable in loneliness.

Seclusion is the choice that I've made, it's always seemed best for everyone. And I don't know that I can follow through, but I know that I've got to.

'Cause I'd rather be alone than be surrounded by the people who feel like home, knowing I can never be what they need me to be.

And maybe the day will come when I learn to let in the love, and if that's truly what you want then I swear I'll keep on trying.
Track Name: Uprooted
I push everyone away, those who gave me everything, cause I can't take another beating.

I was so angry, so lost and afraid, but you took me in and you showed me the way. Took me in and you showed me the love of a family.

How can I repay you, I turned my back and put others above you. I can't believe how I shunned you.

And how could I ever repay you for the things you gave me, and how could you ever forgive me after seeing the things I placed above you. This is not the man you raised be to be, but I promise I will try to be everything that you taught me.

And I'll try my best to be who you raised me to be, The person you know I can be. You always saw the best in me. Now I'm making a pledge, I'm making a stand. I'll never go back to the person who's complacent with silence. And I'll never turn my back.

I'll carry you the way you carried me and the things you taught me will stay for the rest of my days. You are my family and our bond will never break. This is how I'll choose to live my life, you can count on me.
Track Name: Hell Bent
I can't believe how naive I used to be. Thinking you were doing right by me, teaching me to hate in the name of the righteous. You have poisoned the waters and I refuse to drink.

You are the reason I chose to find my own. You're buried in your old ways, and I hate everything you believe.

I am the chief of all sinners, of which I know I am the worst. I dine with the damned, I know where they've been. Your jaded outlook is killing our children.

You locked them in that room and you tied their noose. You wield your scriptures like a weapon you can't wait to sink in. You spread your hate like a disease. Another dead 13 year old lays at your feet.

Hell bent on being heaven sent, you chose to hate what you don't understand.

Hell bent on being heaven sent, I choose to stand with the damned than walk your crooked path. Hell bent on being heaven sent, nail me to this cross and send me to my death.
Track Name: Vigilante
You know, I think it's funny the way they say 'one day you'll find yourself'. It's more like, 'become who we want you to be, or else'. Because our society has based itself around a specific criteria that states you're only worth as much as your own personal accumulation of wealth, or how well you listen to your superior, because don't forget, you are inferior.

Basically, hypocrites control your mind and you're subsequent to paperweight, because they're the ones who are making it, but that's only the start of it. We now have access to weapons that can destroy entire countries by seeing a trigger and simply pulling it. And because of that, we've dyed this world red with the blood of our own warriors.

From bombs to guns, we're firing rounds. From fathers to sons, we fall to the ground. Stop with your efforts, there's no saving him now. His time's run out. Cause of death? A bullet to the head. What's done is done, what's said has been said. We live in a world where children lay scared in their bed, fearful that they will never see who they love again.

Born into hate, we were raised to discriminate. They fed us lines like 'live to fight' and 'fight to live', 'never back down', 'never give in'. And now something as basic and humanistic as love, is only allowed to exist if someone else allows it. That's fucking ridiculous, and it should make you sick to your stomach. Various opinions aside, everyone should be allowed happiness, and that should be the end of it.

This isn't a public service announcement. This is me calling out my generation for accepting complacency with tyranny. I may be broken, but you will never see me kneel before someone and accept life as a token. I will continue to stay outspoken, because I refuse to be motionless at best. Come with me, and thrive off the controversy of breaking out of this glass box they've made our reality. Let's destroy the future and build something better.
Track Name: Broken Glass
With everything falling apart around me, I'm holding on too tightly, I feel my knuckles breaking. But I'll keep my grip tight, holding on to the ones that keep me alive.

Spent another night putting holes into the dry wall. Cause I know I'll never see the end. And I clench my teeth, bite my tongue until bleeds. Cause I know I'll never get free.

It's not for a lack of trying, but I can't seem to find my footing in all of this. Since the day you left, it feels like I'm walking on broken glass.

And I clench my teeth, bite my tongue until it bleeds cause I know I'll never get free. No, I never sleep cause I just think and think and think.

And I know that look in your eyes, you see death every single night. And when you wake up wishing you would die, hold on to the ones that keep you alive.

At least I can say I tried to hold on to the days that I felt alive, but now you're gone and this is not my home, but I'm still waiting for the calm to this storm.

It's not for a lack of trying, but I can't seem to find my footing in all of this. Since the day you left, it feels like I'm walking on broken glass.

He sits alone in his room, the walls are closing in, he's clawing at his own flesh. He feels his lungs collapsing. He feels death creeping in with every shallow breath, like pins and needles piercing his skin

And alone I sit in solitude cause I know you're never coming home.

And even when the light seems brightest there's still that darkness in the back of your mind and when you wear a smile, you're still searching for the light.
Track Name: Sleep Patterns
Felt the mist in the air. Felt the cold wind biting my cheek. I look over the edge, into the abyss. I put my jacket back on and sing one last song.

I don't want to be simply a memory, I'd rather stay forever. Won't you please come and stay with me.

I know I've done wrong, I can see it in your eyes. Been stayin' up late every night just to make it alright. There's something I've been meaning to say, you are my best friend and I hope to god you are here to stay

I don't want to be simply a memory, I'd rather stay forever. Won't you please come and stay with me.

To the children that I may one day have; I promise to be a better man than my father was to me. And to my family; I know I can't give you everything, but I swear I'll do my best to be all that you need. And I hope one day to see all that you see in me, you never gave up on me.

And to my best friend; I made you a promise, no matter what (no matter how) I'll keep you safe in my arms and I'll keep you safe from the cold.